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busiest travel day of the yr -- as people make their waye after the long thanksgiving holiday weekend. good evening. today is the busiest travel day of the year as people make their way home after the long thanksgiving holiday weekend. something many across the country are thankful for, favorable weather. even though there was a little less elbowroom on planes, trains and buses travel is running smoothly in most cases. triple-a says 44 million people traveled 50 miles away from home or more.
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now, this is the 586 cordoor. and, it has been busy all day long. right now, as you can see, it is still slow going? the headlights are the cars going westbound. now, right now the traffic is light. traditionally on sunday night it gets heavy late into the night. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. it is on the light side. but, the fog, as you can see, is on the heavy side. traffic slows as traffic gets to the pay gate. you might think a move from city hall to state government would mean a step up on the pay scale but that is not necessarily true. local officials are taking a pay cut for the privilege of serving in sacramento. >> state officials taking a pay cut? yep. not the 1st. >> reporter: on december 3rd from the governor on down and 80 members of the assembly will have to get by on less. >> they are getting paid so much more than they should be and cuts are a good thing. i am happy about it. >> reporter: the 5% pay cut ordered by the citizen compensation commission comes
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on top of pay cuts totaling 18% over the past three years along with benefits and leases. >> it is not the most lucrative job in the world and i thank them for their continued support in what they are doing. >> how generous. >> i know. >> reporter: cbs 5 insider points out, brown will take a $44,cut. that may be -- there 44,000 cut. >> that may be absorbed by his lifestyle. >> i think we will see if they do their job right and see where they come out. >> reporter: a 5% is minimal compared to the pay she might have been making at her old job. $96,000 less than gastone now receives. it turns out $50,000 more in pay as a member of the santa clara board of supervisors. the move from san francisco assessor to the state assembly
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means it $83,000 less in wages. >> most people in this, although i know they will be sad about the cut, they are not doing it for pay but pursuit of power and ambig to go to higher maces and public service they want to give back to their community. >> reporter: by themselves the pay cuts does not amount to much but he says having accepted the pay cut mace help state legislatures and the governor ask others for cuts down the road. reporting live in san francisco, cbs 5. weekend violence pushes the number of violence in the city to $115 -- to 115. the latest are two women found shot to death in east oakland. the police were called to the scene on brookville avenue at 6:00 this morning. people in the neighborhood say they are scared to walk the streets. >> i am afraid. i like eye just started working out again and i like to go for
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walks but did i did not walk in this neighborhood. i walk at the lake. it is -- it is scary. >> the mess have little information and no suspects in the double murder. there were also two other killings on saturday. one was an 18-year-old woman and the other a 19-year-old man. there were 6 nonfatal shootings since friday. no arrests have been made in any of these cases. >> well, the same street has seen two shootings a week apart. the police were called to a shooting at menlo park. a dozen shots were fire into a house t. comes after a man was killed during a robbery last saturday night. 42-year-old kutles and a woman were in his car when two suspects approached them. the man was shot and the woman's purse was taken. they don't know if the shootings are connected. well, san jose needs your help in shebgting the city's new police chief. the current chief, moore, plans
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to retire at the end of january. and the search for a success isor is underway the officials want input from residents about the quality they want to see in the chief. the first public meeting happens tomorrow night at the community center. not fit to preach. now, that is what some parishioners of one of san francisco's oldest black congregations say about the new pastor assigned to the church. the parishioner's obskwrebgs have nothing to do -- objections have nothing to do with religious issues. >> reporter: the new pastor, reverend john hunter. >> i ask you to touch the part heart of the pastor of the church. >> reporter: the pastor was out today and a fill in took his place and most are glad.
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>> he is not someone that i think should lead our flock. >> reporter: he was appointed by the bishop who swafped scalped hunter for the old pastor who left. fine fine issues and sexual harassments come with the new pastors. they wanted to ask questions before he took over leadership. >> >> reporter: hunter used the church's credit cards for more than $100,000 in personal expenses and that he owed the irs more than there 300,000 in back taxes. >> and i don't think, you know, with his past history that he should be preaching. at all. >> reporter: things got a little ugly here last month when the pastor showed up for his first day at the church cloaked in his white robe and carrying a bible and some parishioners confronted him outside. >> and basically told him to present his papers. you have to have papers to take over the church.
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he did not have his papers. >> the parishioner is a reporter for the san francisco post. >> kind of hike a brief altercation, kind of a little shoving and hollering. >> reporter: the church says it is under consideration, the reverend has been back once since being kicked out. >> the what if he stays will it be awkward around here? >> most definitely but we are hoping that will not happen. >> reporter: back to you. they are meant to alleviate traffic but some shuttle buses are causing traffic problems. how they are getting in the way of other people getting to work on time. >> i hope you enjoyed a nice long holiday weekendful the weather did not disappoint. the temperatures outside, still, only in the 50s, not bad as you look out over the bay. we have is a lot of rain headed our way. you will want to stay tuned for the forecast, coming up ,,
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thousands of workers from sn francisco to silicon valleyt cbs 5 reporter elizabeth wer shows us how the p private buses carry thousands of workers from sap
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fran to the valley. but, the private shuttles are causing problems for other people trying to get to work on time. >> reporter: there may be no such thing as a free lunch but for many this is a free ride. live in the city and work at facebook, groupon or others and you can hop on and head south no problem. in many cases, these coaches come with free we fry and nice seating. great for employees. not so for those who rely on muni to get around. >> those shuttles they are coming on and on. the bus has to double park beyond the shuttle. >> employees wait and private shuttles stop in zones designate in public buss and keep people from catching public transportation.
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>> this is nobody restricting them to do anything because i called 311, complain to the city. >> reporter: more than 27 cutches employ or run private shuttle services transporting more than 18,000 people a day in san fran. they top at more than 200 loading zones. almost all are are for public buses only. meaning it is illegal for any other vehicle to use them. but, you dope see tickets handed to those vie haters. >> they pose challenges as far as loading and unloading in our zones or near our zones. it causes a problem. what we are doing is working with the state and working with the businesses to put together policy recommendations to find solutions. >> reporter: the metropolitan authority has taken up the issue of designing new rules. but, has not made changes it to make the system is better. meanwhile, san francisco's supervisor thank yous the number of private buses in the city is chose to hitting a
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critical mass. >> we are going to see dramatic effects on traffic flow, pedestrian flow, bike flow and the way muni functions in the city. >> reporter: the transportation agency dances around the issue out of indifference to big companies that do business outside of the city. even in the city they knocked itself out for tech companies. this summer establishing a new bus line for employees that work at the new twitter headquarters on market street. >> reporter: meanwhile, the city officials hope the focus for transportation can shift more towards everyday commuters and the companies in silicone valley should consider doing numbers san francisco instead of shuttling everyone out of it. >> going to bring in 20 or 30 more buses that the city might not manage and we create space here for people to work. >> reporter: in san francisco, cbs 5. preventing disaster at a
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bay area airport. what is considered out on the runways to keep passengers safe? ,,,, [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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international are taking anr shot at stopping them. bird strikes like this one n collisions develop birds and jets bottom such is a problem that the officials are taking another shot at stopping them. bird strikes like this one in new york are dangerous and egs pensive. san jose leaders are proposing authorize -- are expensive. san jose leaders are proposing authorized people to hunt the
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birds using blanks. tonight, the forecast, and this are changes ahead for us. >> yes. if you like rain, we have good news. there is a long good stretch of rain. could be the real first significant storm of the season. otherwise i hope you enjoyed the nice long holiday. the weather cooperated. here is a live look outside across the golden gate bridge. you notice it was foggy all day across the gate and the coast keeping the temperatures on the cooler side. right now, we are seeing 50s, so, 55 in concord, upper 50s in oakland, middle 50s in santa rosa. patchy fog, coast bay, inland, the temperatures are mainly in the low to upper 40s. depending on where you are overnight. tomorrow, we are going to warm things up. temperatures slightly cooler it today than what we saw or tomorrow than what we saw today. the temperatures will be in the low to upper 60s. yes, we are going to see plenty of sunshine. especially in our inland spots. it is because the high pressure
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is sticking around. monday, tuesday, and that is when we are forecasting big changes. so, let's time it out for you with our future cast. you can see the clouds rolling in. it looks like tuesday. that is our transitional day. and then late tuesday overnight. this is when we get hit with the good dosing of rain. moderate to heavy rain. just in time for the wednesday morning commute. and then we have more showers just behind it. so, we are really ending november on a wet note. a lot of 40s overnight tonight. 51 in san francisco. warmer areas. 49 in oakland, 43 in concord, and then once again for tomorrow, seeing a widespread of 60. 61 in san francisco, low 60s in fremont and livermore coming in at 66 degrees. so, some folks may travel, once again, it tomorrow, sfo, partly cloudy skies, highs of 64 degrees, checking airports all around the country. a chance of thundershowers in houston. going to warm things up there. 84 degrees, otherwise, cool, dry in denver, chicago, and
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over at new york city. forecast around northern california, we are seeing dry skies, like i said, if for tomorrow to start off the workweek. plenty of sunshine, lake tahoe, highs in the 50s to low 60s, here is your forecast. seven-day forecast around the bay. monday, tuesday, kind of a similar story, the temperature wise, staying dry until wednesday with the low pressure system entering the bay area. more showers into thursday. then, a second storm system heading our way on friday into saturday making it it a wet coming weekend. that is a check of your seven day forecast. here is dennis with a look at the world of sports. >> okay. can carson palmer return to cincinnati. next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the only difference?? jim harbaigh chose 2nd-year quarterback colin kaepernics the 49ers new star today's 49er game was a rematch against the saints. the only difference, jim ha are rbough chose the second as the starting quarterback. the worst kept secret in football and how would he perform? in a noisy dome? he quieted the crowd, of course, giving the 49ers the early lead. while he was doing the chest bump, a different reaction from alex smith. saints respond with a 10-play drive going 80 yards. brees to thomas. 49ers make a mistake in the 2nd quarter. going back for the punt. he will fumble it. and, they would recover the
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football. neworleans, now has it at the 11 yard line. then, two plays later. brees, back to pass, he makes him pay. for the 10 yard touchdown and the saints take the 14-7 lead. again, towel over his head after that. sanfrancisco driving late in the 2nd quarter. after a bad snap, he makes a bad throw. robinson, down with the interception. brees has a chance to put the saints up by 2 touchdowns. instead he gives it right back and then some. brooks come down with it. going all of the way to the house. that is a pick six. that was the play of the game. all of a sudden you have a tied game at halftime. and the 49ers coming out strong in the 3rd. now, finding it in the flat. dives in for the touchdown. sanfrancisco up 21-14. ran 19 times for 83 yards. drew brees, mistakes condition. going high here. off of his hands, into the arms
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of whitner. now, look at that go. intercepted and returned for touchdowns. the 49ers defense shut brees down in the 4th quarter. smith, schmidt it. sacked him five times. the 49ers win in new new. harbough talked about why he sat alex smith. >> alex had seufpl is toms seven-days later, eight days later from the concussion and -- symptoms seven-days later, eight days later from the concussion and had some bad experiences. not going to put a guy back out there with symptoms. >> we have two good quarterbacks. it is is tough. you feel bad for alex. he led us to the championship, 3rd rated passer in the football league, but the coach said he is going to go with the hot hand. >> a tough call, but the 49ers win. the sea hawk's loss, -- the seahawks loss. going 5 points away from the
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play. calling oakland for cincinnati for palmer quote the greatest trade ever! 13 months later the raiders are 3-8 and jackson is now an assistant in cincinnati. palmer was met with a chorus of boos. late 1st quarter, andy, with the throw, making the 1-handed catch. a beauty. 14-0. now, bengals pile it on. 3rd and go. raiders down -- 3rd and goal. that was the score. raiders did nothing on either side of the ball. 3rd quarter, finding rhythm to moore. he has the touchdown. 24-10. you know, just when oakland gets the momentum they get it back. now, palmer, hit, lost the football. leading to a bangle's field goal. down, 27-10. now, hansen causes the fumble here. keeps it in place. branch runs it in place.
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this is a raiders touchdown. one problem, the whistle blew from the official. they blew the call. replay shows he stripped him of the ball and saved it from going out-of-bounds but it was an inadvertent whistle they lose the touchdown and did not get the football. whistles blowing and then houston takes down dalton. andrew from cincinnati he is not happy. he gets kicked out. houston gets kicked out. tommiy kel seis ejected. the 4th straight loss. -- tommy kelly is ejected. the 4th straight loss. >> it is okay to may with anger. we have to play with poise and composure. and, and we lost our poise a little bit this. we have to be better at that. now, picked off after halftime. the way the defense responded coming out at halftime i thought it was good. but we got to play that way more often. >> former laker coach, brown, checking out saint mary's in
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anaheim. look at the ball movement there. james walker iii, thoáe from the corner, 20-15 saint mary's but georgia tech started the 2nd half off on a 12-2 run. giving the yellow jackets the lead. 65-56. tonight, the coach, san jose state, is going to join us. first 10 wins since 1987. if they win the bowl game that is the first 11 win season in 63 years. >> really? >> he might have done the best head coaching job in the bay area of all of the coaches. >> you see the coach live the dream and tell iting the players to believe it. >> they are. >> yes. great. >> yes. could be. >> yes. we will ask him,. >> all righty. thank you, mike. the long holiday week send is winding down tonight. how are air travelers fairing as they try to get back home after the trip home with the thanksgiving dinner with the family? we will check in with the airports.
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that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. 60 minutes is next -- "60 minutes" is next ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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